AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Wreck My Life by Mo Isom

9781633896567What does true brokenness look like?  What does it mean to truly surrender our lives to Christ?  Soccer star Mo Isom tells her powerful story and gives us a vivid picture of both brokenness and surrender in Wreck My Life.

I should state up front that I am not a huge sports fan.  And my understanding is the market for books written by sports stars relating their faith journeys is a crowded one indeed.  Be that as it may, Isom tells her particular story with an almost shocking honesty and intensity.  She shows she isn’t concerned with maintaining her image as she graphically describes her struggle with an eating disorder, how the suicide of a loved one rocked her world, and how a car wreck revealed her life for the spiritual wreck it was.  Her humility is obvious, and she speaks as one who has overcome a crippling insecurity because she knows the One who offers true security.  Her boldness isn’t a star athlete’s bravado, but a committed believer’s quiet strength.  She knows that in her weakness she is strong, and she lives it.

Isom’s story will speak powerful truth into the life of any young person who will care to listen.  She knows firsthand the pressures faced by those who place too much hope in academics, athletics, appearance, achievement, or popularity.  She encourages us to learn from her mistakes, and she presents an example that is worth following.  To top it off, she writes very well, and the reader feels along with her the joy, anguish, fear, disappointment, anger, and shame of her experiences.  She also does a great job narrating the audiobook version.

Isom’s story will inspire you—and I really mean that.  Highly recommended.

Please Note: This audiobook was gifted as a part of the Christianaudio Reviewers Program in exchange for my unbiased review of this work. This has in no way influenced my opinion or review of this work.  More information can be found about this and other Christian audiobooks at

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