AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: “I Am N” by The Voice of the Martyrs

9781633897052.jpgAs a Christian living in America, stories of Christians being violently persecuted always seem to have an other-worldly quality.  These things don’t happen now, do they?  These stories seem to belong to another time, and another place, with Colosseums or Nazis.  And that is why the ministry of The Voice of the Martyrs is so important, and why we who live in the West cannot let our brothers and sisters suffer alone and in silence.  I Am N, a collection of true stories of Christians facing persecution Islamic Extremists, is just the wake-up call we need.

This book is all about finding love, grace, courage, and hope in the most unlikely of places.  I found myself examining my own level of faith in Christ and commitment to Christ as I heard these stories.  I was driven to prayer for the persecuted church, and compelled to worship of God for his incredible faithfulness.  The most impacting stories were those of believers who were tempted to retaliate because of the violence against them, and yet they chose instead to respond with grace and love.  How often do I retaliate for offenses that are so much smaller than these?

I highly recommend this book for all believers.  We need to hear these stories, and we need to stand in solidarity with the persecuted church.  Our understanding of the world is often painfully small, and this book is designed to shatter our safe perceptions of faith while propelling us into deeper levels of devotion.

Marco Prentice and Amara Delaney do an outstanding job on the narration of the audiobook version.  I recommend experiencing this book in audiobook form because the narration is so well done.

Please Note: This audiobook was gifted as a part of the Christianaudio Reviewers Program in exchange for my unbiased review of this work. This has in no way influenced my opinion or review of this work.  More information can be found about this and other Christian audiobooks at

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